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Oneiria is a land of opportunities that provides you a platform to voice out your talent. It connects the right talent with the talent seeker.


Live Auditions

In order to make audition process smooth, we will be facilitating auditions via Oneiria .


Celebrity Engagement

Artists/Actors can interact with their fans directly on their pages, so fans get right information.


Entertainment Gateway

It is a one stop arena where the users can get information and register to the various Auditions to various roles in advertisements/tv shows/Reality shows/ movies, Talent hunts, competitions, workshops, Jobs/Internships and nearby events.


Online Classes

Provide the users with online tutorials related to their preferred field of practice/study.


Social Networking Platform

Platform where in the users can showcase their talents and skills pertaining to various artforms like singing, acting, anchoring, art composition etc.


Portfolio Management

Customer’s Profile Will be reviewed by Industry experts and we will help you in building great portfolio. A dedicated portfolio website and showreel which includes your best work.


Discover what you are actually made of at Oneiria.

Sometimes you may walk the unknown path, but we are here to guide you through it till the end.

Oneiria is a land of opportunities that connects the right talent with the talent seeker. !

Available for more than 50 categories & 6 major industries
  • Arts
  • Fashion & Design
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Publishing & Media
  • Gaming
  • Film & Entertainment
50 +